About Us

All CVS products are created with foreign raw materials, including the low-viscosity glue from Germany's Henkel, which has the advantages of simple assembly and repeated adhering without glue peeling.
We are a group of individuals with strong learning abilities. The colourful refitting and color-changing industry is one in which we are continually pushing our limits and accepting change. We begin with curiosity, cling to ideals, and proceed hand in hand with aspirations and labour.
With a focus on R&D and manufacture of automotive paint protection film and body colour change film products, CVS is a well-known brand all over the world. All of the goods are imported in their original packaging, and the R&D team independently invented the glue, which has excellent stickiness and is difficult to break. The architecture is practical, and edge processing is simple. The special glue formulation enables the car cover to be peeled off with no glue residue. A product called CVS paint protection film shields the surface of a car's paint against minor scratches as well as stains like shellac, gum, and stones.
The CVS plant uses cutting-edge manufacturing technology and places a strong emphasis on quality. To match consumer demand, our team is still working to create goods with improved performance.
Global users are served by both big and small clients all around the world, particularly in the markets of the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, South Korea, the Netherlands, Singapore.
With its cutting-edge technology, superior performance, superb quality, and sincere customer service, CVS has established itself as a market leader in the automobile protective film industry, carrying the ideas of technology, environmental protection, safety, and energy conservation. In the eyes of many elite clients, CVS can ensure your security during transportation.