Why the PET color changing films are more and more popular in the market ?

PET is not a substance for film that changes colour to start.

Generally speaking, PET refers to PETLinter base film in the color-changing film industry (plastic embossed air guide groove). The flatness of the film can be significantly improved by using this type of PET embossed bottom, especially for bright films. protective film for fabric brightening High-transparency ultra-white protective film method known as PET Topsheet delivers extremely high mirror brightness, comparable to paint.

Yet, those are merely the fundamentals. Better back glue, high-precision coating line production, fussy advanced cutting standards, and high-quality PET color-changing film are all necessary for ultra-high-quality products and production standards.

Excellent high-clean production facilities reduce glue defects and foreign matter in PET color-changing film, and a specialised and standardised process makes the PET base material's ultra-low suspension glue a key advantage, resulting in a PET color-changing film that is both highly skilled and dependable.

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